Harry Kirk – Senior Associate

Over 36 years experience with program management and consulting support for government IT and telecommunications programs. Senior Associate with Michelli Associates focusing on analyzing and rationalizing current, emerging and future strategic, tactical and sustaining base contracts and programs. Specific emphasis on in depth analysis and intelligence for C4ISR and IT systems and services.

Prior experience includes cost, schedule and performance of over 300 projects ranging from tactical sensors of strategic satellite earth stations to sustaining base IT infrastructures as Director of Plans and Programs for the Army Information Systems Management Agency (ISMA). Executed policies and procedures for R&A, cost analysis, VE, force integration acquisition plans for all phases replacement and upgrade of strategic and sustaining base systems with ISMA. Managed long range plans for force structure and quick reaction efforts for strategic and sustaining base information systems infrastructure (SBIS) for the PEO Office of Strategic Information Systems.

Mr. Kirk is a graduate of Monmouth College (BS Mathematics) and was a training instructor at the US Army Signal Center and School.